Maintenance Work Done

Members are asked to do 10 hours of maintenance work per year. If they do not they are required to contribute an additional $250 when annual fees are due. Executive members and boat captains are exempt as it is assumed they will be doing a minimum of 10 hours annual volunteer work.

Donald PatonTreasurer10
Peter SoveSecretary10
Bill NoyMembership10
Wayne Norris
Aidan ColleranMaintenance10
Jeff PearsonBoat Captain10
Ken Hanson14
Ken KaserCommodore3
Matt SouthcottBoat Captain10
Paul GoodTraining
Keith Roy
Dick Griffin
Tim Kruger
Graham Lawson10
Dave HockingAnenomePressure washed canvas, decks, cockpit and transom, cleaned dodger windows8
Max SumnerXian7

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